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Community Health Education Program

The Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN) Community Health Education Program (CHEP) seeks to increase the availability of health promotion and disease prevention information for the English-speaking communities of Québec and to increase collaboration between community and public health professionals. This dynamic program facilitates distance community learning of health and social services information in English to remote, rural or dispersed Québec communities using videoconferencing, DVDs, and other activities.

Community networks select a health priority topic based on their community’s needs and in collaboration with their public health partners. The aim is to raise awareness and provide information to individuals and their communities where there is a gap in health and social services information in English. CHEP presenters are experts in their respective fields and have a variety of health and social services backgrounds, including: nursing, counselling, psychology, education, and community medicine. 

An important focus is the CHEP follow-up: activities provide ongoing education, information, resources, and support beyond the initial campaigns.


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