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The Corporation has been formed to promote and protect the rights of the Anglophone Magdalen Islanders and to encourage them to defend those rights in the following areas: language, health, education, legal services, arts and preservation of culture and heritage.Vision
CAMI (Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders) has developed a strategic plan in order to become a significant driver in building a prosperous and vibrant ESC (English-speaking community); a community Islanders can be proud of and tourists wish to visit. To achieve these goals, CAMI will have a motivated staff, a dedicated Board of Directors and supportive volunteers within the community.

The desired strategic position of CAMI is to be the primary promoter and motivator of the ESC of the Magdalen Islands in health and social services, culture, employability, education and language. CAMI will provide quality services, employ motivated, qualified staff and be financially sustainable.

By working towards achieving these goals, C.A.M.I. will strengthen and improve the vitality of the English-speaking community. Though a challenging under-taking, CAMI is dedicated to fulfilling the ESC’s vision of an enriched tomorrow.