787 chemin Principal, Grosse-Ile, QC G4T 6B5

Entry Island Revitalisation Update

Since summer 2018, CAMI has obtained ownership, of the Entry Island School building. We hosted a visit of the STQ on Entry Island and obtained a seat on their committee as a  community representative. We presented the plans for Entry Island development as well as the access challenges.        

Following their visit, they asked CAMI to carry out a  survey with the    Entry Island  population on the interest for extra trips for the Ivan Quinn as part of a pilot project to improve access to the island. The extra trips began on Sunday, October 7th, 2018, with one return trip on Sunday and an    extra trip on Friday at midday.

We received funding from the EPRT, to develop the building plan and the museum layout.

In addition, we received funding from MESI to hire a Development Agent for the “Tourism Development for Entry Island” project.  The Development Agent will be responsible for developing partnerships to successfully develop tourism on Entry Island, developing funding requests for renovations of the school building and building upon the current summer program. They will also explore ways to improve the program and will be responsible for implementing a promotional plan to improve the visibility for Entry Island.