787 chemin Principal, Grosse-Ile, QC G4T 6B5

Summer Program : Entry Island

Our new summer program on Entry Island has also been a great hit this year! There definitely is potential to continue the following programs next season!

A new service : Island-type workshops available to visitors!

Being part of a fishing community, we were able to come up with some pretty neat ideas in order to offer something different to our visitors!

Visitors were able to attend two different workshops linked to a   fisherman’s life :  a buoy painting workshop and trap making demonstration.

These workshops were available separately or as part of a package deal.

As for our museum on Entry Island, there has been an increase in the number of visits compared to summer of 2017. This year, CAMI decided to add a boutique to their museum in order to sell local products,   refreshments and souvenirs.

Picnic lunches: A new service offered to Entry Island visitors!

Our picnic lunches for those planning to visit Entry Island, whether it was to eat lunch on top of big hill, or grab a quick snack during a  walking tour or a hike, turned out to be a  successful service!

The lunches had to be ordered & purchased online before hand. Even though our service began late during the season and there was very little promotion,  it proved to have  potential for further development.

A special thanks to Lake Brown for the many visitor referrals as well as his generous donation of $2000.