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Agricultural Youth Green Jobs Initiative

Rose Seguin, a McGill University graduate with a Bachelor of Science & Agricultural & Environmental Science, was hired from May til the end of September 2018 as part of the Agricultural youth Green Jobs initiative funded by Agri-food Canada. Rose’s internship was part of CAMI’s social enterprise initiative, which aimed to carry out the preparatory work necessary to be able to harvest a variety of locally sourced fruits and vegetables for both the community and for summer tourist clientele, as well as to research the possibilities and potential for low-input/ organic livestock as a complement to crop production. She also contributed her technical expertise for the pilot agricultural activities insuring that they were environmentally beneficial, and established the basis for expanded production for future years. Some of the activities this project included: analysis of local regulation, field agriculture plans, a greenhouse plan, a natural resource inventory, long-term development of livestock and.or Orchard Production and funding programs.

On behalf of CAMI’s board of directors and staff, we would like to express thanks to Rose for the great summer and send best wishes for her future endeavors.